League Rules/Bylaws


Revised March 2020

a) The IFASA playing year shall begin in April, weather permitting, and consist of two seasons, Spring and Summer. During the Spring season, two leagues shall be formed, one of all women players and one of all men players. During the Summer season, one league shall be formed, one of “co-ed” teams as defined in Section III, GAME RULES. Other leagues may be established or discontinued as determined by the board.
b) To ensure that the schedule is ready at the beginning of the season, all teams must be registered at least two (2) weeks before play begins. The season schedule will be distributed to captains at least three (3) days prior to the start of the season.
c) Players must be eighteen (18) years of age at the time of registration.
d) Each team shall receive appropriate equipment as determined by IFASA for each season

a) The board will determine the registration fees, and the deadlines for registration for each playing period, prior to registration for that period.
b) Players must pay a non-refundable registration fee before being eligible to
play. A player card or proof of registration will be issued to confirm registration.
c) If a player is unable to play due to extenuating circumstances, they may petition the board for a refund of their registration.

Play will be governed by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) rules with the following exceptions:
i) Slide-tackles are not allowed and will be considered “dangerous play.” Sliding away from an opponent (e.g, to keep the ball in play) is not a tackle, even though it is a sliding play on the ball, and therefore, should not be called a foul.

i) A team may substitute an unlimited number of times in each game and players may return to the game.
ii) Substitution may be made on:
(1) Either team’s throw in
(2) Any goal kick
(3) Injury – either team may substitute for any player at the time of stoppage for injury
(4) After any goal
(5) At half time
(6) After a player receives a yellow card.

i) Each team should file their team shirt color with the IFASA Board at the start of each soccer season.
ii) All players shall wear a shirt of their team color during games with each player having a unique number.
iii) Colors of uniform accessories (shorts, tights, socks, etc.) worn may be different from those of the opponents team (shirt) color.
iv) If there are similar colors, pennies may be provided by a board member or one of the teams can opt to change into a different color for that game.
v) Captains of each team must wear a captain’s armband during the game for easy recognition.
*Only captains may talk to referees should they have any questions or concerns during the game – if any other player(s) becomes disrespectful or abusive, then the referee may enforce any disciplinary measure they see fit.

i) Only women may take penalty kicks.
ii) No single person may score more than three (3) goals in a match.
iii) A team may play a maximum of six (6) men at one time.


The first team listed on the game schedule is designated the home team. The home team will furnish the game ball.

i) Captains are responsible for printing their team roster in color each week and bringing it to the game. (All players must have registered in advance and they must have a clear photo of their face on their team’s roster.)
ii) Referees will check team rosters before every match. (To ensure that only registered players are participating, check name and picture of player on roster – write player’s shirt number next to player’s picture) Referees will write final score on roster and turn in to IFASA Board and the end of the game.
iii) Should a team not have a printed colored roster at the start of the game, captains can show the referees their roster online and referees can “check” player names in order to get the game started. However, the team has until half time to provide a printed roster. If a printed roster is provided by half time then all players must “check in” again and their number must be written on the roster. After all players have checked in, the second half can begin and the game can go on as usual. Referees will write final score on roster and turn in to IFASA Board and the end of the game.
iv) If a color printed roster is NOT provided by half time, then the team forfeits and the game will be recorded as a 1-0 forfeit to the other team, unless the other team had a more favorable scoreline. In this case, referees should text the assignor about the situation and then they may leave.
v) Fielding an ineligible player results in a forfeit for that team.

a) The league will strive to provide one referee and two assistant referees for all men’s, women’s and co-ed games.
b) If no adult referee is available, certified youth referees may be utilized.
c) If no referee is available, the teams may agree upon a third party to act as the referee. The decisions of this referee shall be final.
d) If no referee is available and the teams elect to play without a referee, captains will be responsible for the conduct of their players. If order cannot be maintained, the game must stop immediately. All participants in any physical altercations shall be considered to have received a red card.
e) The officiating referee will be in charge of the game from the moment they enter the field of play until they leave it. Their decisions concerning interpretation of the rules and on the play of the game are final.
f) Any complaints, questions, or compliments on referees or assistant referees are to be directed to the IFASA Board.

To initiate a protest, the team captain must notify the referee as they leave the field and the protest must be noted on the game card. The team captain may also contact the IFASA Board.

a) Physical or verbal abuse by players or observers will not be tolerated.
b) Any player receiving
● one (1) red card
● three (3) yellow cards
in one playing year shall be suspended from his/her next game in that league and any subsequent leagues in the intermediate time.
Payment of a $25 fee from the offender is required for the player to be reinstated. Payment shall be to IFASA, and can be given to any board member for processing. If the player obtains a second suspension in the year, the player will be required to sit out a game and pay a fee of $50 dollars.
c) A team accumulating 10 cards during the season will be required to pay a $100 fee to be reinstated for the season.
d) A player or coach receiving a third (3rd) suspension in one playing year will be suspended for the remainder of the playing year. The board will determine the fee for a third suspension.
e) A player or captain/coach who is removed from the area of the field by the referee shall be prohibited from attending the team’s next scheduled game. If removed from the area of the field a second time during the same season, he/she will be prohibited from attending any of his team’s games for the remainder of the official season. Any infringement of the prohibition from attendance may result in forfeiture of the game.
f) All penalties are subject to review for additional sanctioning by the board in the event of excessive or habitual offenses.
a) Any of the following constitutes a game forfeiture:
i) Fielding an ineligible or suspended player or coach.
ii) Team(s) fails to provide a printed colored roster by half time. The game will be recorded as a 1-0 forfeit to the other team, unless the other team had a more favorable scoreline.
iii) Any team which receives three (3) ejections during one game shall forfeit the game by a score of 1-0 unless the score was more favorable for the winner due to forfeit when the game was stopped, in which case the existing score shall be declared the final score.
iv) Any team failing to field a team at a designated scheduled game without giving five days notice to the IFASA Board, and the opposing team representative shall forfeit the game. If assigned referees are not contacted about any canceled game then the team responsible for the cancellation will be liable for all referee fees attributable to the game.
v) Any team fielding more than six (6) male players will receive an initial warning from the referee. If a second infraction is made, the game will be recorded as a 1-0 forfeit to the other team, unless the other team had a more favorable scoreline.
a) For a team to cancel a game, the team must notify the IFASA Board (5) days before the game is scheduled to be played. Should less than five (5) days notification be given, the opposing team is under no obligation to consent to reschedule the game, and the game may result in a forfeit.
b) If a game is canceled by one or both opposing teams and they wish to reschedule the game, it is the responsibility of the involved teams to reschedule canceled games. The IFASA Board will not be required to provide referees, therefore captains will be responsible for the conduct of their players.